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Poppin Tuesdays

Join Poppin Tuesdays! An exclusive weekly members directory updated every Tuesday exclusively for Strive members only. A great platform for our members to network with members. Poppin Tuesday is designed to engage members to network, do business and grow their real estate business. You must become a member to receive the Poppin Tuesday which is exclusive and protect document for members only. (Optional - Members can OPT-OUT of adding their information to the Poppin platform.)

Happy Hours

Join our happy hours and network with club members and local real estate professionals. - Members are Invited to Happy Hour Events Exclusively by Email.

If you are a member located outside of California and would like to host a Happy Hour event, please send your request to 


Workshops are a great way to learn the business and develop personal skills to help you succeed and stay connected with your goals.

Visit the Workshop page and Save the Dates!

Workshops include Personal and Business Development topics, educational tools, and wealth building practices facilitated by professional industry leaders.

Strive Principles

One important niche we take pride in promoting to our members, is STRIVE Principles.  "STRIVE" is an acronym which means Sacrifice, Truth, Relationships, Integrity, Value & Education.  Members are encouraged to learn and practice Strive Principles.  

Fun Annual Events!

 A fun way for members to engage in activities by participating in annual events, such as "Strive Bucks" where you can redeem real money to help you get started with your real estate investing business and "Holiday Lotteries" for holidays such as' Valentine's Day Sweetheart, Easter Bunny, Mother's & Father's Day Tributes".  Be sure to check your emails and stay tuned!

Strive Real Estate LLC

Strive Real Estate LLC is a separate private for-profit real estate investment and development entity.  SRE is an extension of the Strive Wealth Builders family whose focus is developing affordable housing and rebuilding communities of culture. Visit our page to learn more.

SWB Delivers Outreach Program! We Give Back

SWB Delivers is our way of giving back to our communities.  SWB Delivers is an extension to the Strive Wealth Builders family and a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to end homelessness and provide financial literacy programs in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Donate & Get Involved Today! Visit our page to learn more.

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This is an excellent group of professionals where you can learn from others experiences and be able to share your expertise to help you grow personally and in business. Kendel I. Kahsu on Aug 6, 2017 - Organo Kendel has increased her clientele and revenue by attending Money Talk Socials.

“ A pleasant and informative experience. ” — Dan M. on Dec 11, 2016. - Partner Beverage Co.

“ Educational with lots of talents ”— Paul Harrell II on Sep 10, 2015. -Exit Realty, Inc.