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Goal Setting

The professional world affords a multitude of opportunities for setting goals. Doing so can help keep you motivated, improve behavior, and provide a sense of accomplishment. Not achieving your goals, though, can also provide you with valuable lessons. Whether your goals are small and for the short-term or bigger and long-term, the importance of setting goals can’t be denied. Don’t wait — establish your goals today. 

Visit our Workshop Schedule to Register for the Next Goal Setting Session or Do it Yourself! Use the Goal Setting Worksheet to Get Started.


A financial plan acts as a guide as you go through life's journey. Essentially, it helps you be in control of your income, expenses and investments such that you can manage your money and achieve your goals.

To build financial wealth, it is important to track your finances and spending habits, measure your success and reward yourself for your accomplishments. Download our financial planning workbook to help you organize your finances and start building your wealth.

Visit our Workshop Schedule to Register for the Next Financial Planning Session or Do it Yourself! Use the Financial Planning Workbook to Get Started.

What's Your
Wealth Ratio?

Now that you have your goals lined up and a financial plan, it's time to grow your business and money.  Start with understanding your wealth ratio.  Watch the video and download the wealth ratio scale to measure and track your progress.

This is an important step to getting started with building legacy wealth.  Don't skip this step!

Build Your Wealth

Let the Fun Begin! . . . Start Building Your Life Wealth Management Plan

You've completed the fundamentals of building your wealth and now it's time to build your wealth management plan. We use this tool to help balance our lives.  This step takes commitment, time and practice.  Read and practice Strive Principles and use the wealth management plan guidelines to help you create your customized life plan.

Stay Motivated! Get it Done Today!

The Strive Principles Workbook will provide guidance and instructions to help you create your own wealth management plan. The textbook is sold out, however, email for a pdf version. Stay tuned for Strive Principles Volume 2 Coming Soon!

Stay On Track! - Assess Your Progress Regularly
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