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Upon the approval of your membership application, you (member) agree to abide by each section of the
Code of Ethics:

Section 1: Members should allow others the freedom to choose their own destiny.
Section 2: Members should have gratitude and pass along the good that we receive to others.
Section 3: Members should have justice: fair and equal treatment, to treat others in a just manner.
Section 4: Members should have a strong stewardship: to use available resources in a judicious and
conscientious manner, to give back.
Section 5: Members should be honesty and candor: tell the truth in all dealing with members, clients,
colleagues, business associates and the community.
Section 6: Members should practice fidelity: to be true to your word, keeping promises and commitments.
Section 7: Members should be loyal: the responsibility to not abandon those with whom you work.
Section 8: Members should have diligence: to work hard in the chosen profession, to be mindful, careful and
thorough in the services delivered.
Section 9: Members shall have discretion: use of good judgment, honoring confidentiality and the privacy of
Section 10: Members shall strive for self-improvement: to work on professional and personal growth to be the
best you can be.
Section 11: Members shall practice the art of restitution: when necessary, make amends to those who have
been harmed or injured.
Section 12: Members shall practice self-interest: to protect yourself and your personal interests.
Section 13: Members should strive continuously to improve knowledge and skill and make available to
their members the benefits of their professional expertise.
Section 14: Members should maintain high professional standards and should not voluntarily collaborate
professionally with a member who violates this principle.
Section 15: SWB, and its members, should safeguard the public and itself against members who are
deficient in ethical conduct.
Section 16: Members should treat and/or train new members with the objective of maintaining the
the integrity of SWB.
Section 17: Members should agree that departure from these principles of ethical behavior may result
in sanctions by SWB and will accept those sanctions as determined.

Board of Directors Disciplinary Action Process: Any member of SWB may be disciplined or terminated for
conduct which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, is derogatory to the dignity of or inconsistent with the
purposes of Strive principles. The expulsion of a member may be ordered upon the affirmative vote from the

Board of Directors present at a regular or a special meeting, and only after such member has been informed of
the allegations against him and has been given an opportunity to refute such allegations before the Board of
Directors. Other disciplinary actions such as reprimand, probation, or censure may be recommended by the Board
of Directors.

I have read the above Code of Ethics and will abide accordingly.

As a member, you have a right to report any violation deemed by another member to the Board of Directors for an investigation, arbitration, and resolution.

Code of Ethics